Don't take our word for it. 

Show up—and we’ll show you serious results. Sweat with us 3x a week, and you’ll see visible changes within 3 weeks. We hand-pick only the best teachers so that your experience is flawless and your results are unparalleled. Our classes shape your mind as well as your body, in an inclusive, empowering, and loving community.

Here's what some of your future #BarreAndSoulmates have to say about us.


"Barre and Soul® has become an integral part of my day to day. I've never been stronger or more centered in my life! Even though I've been a member for years and take class 5 days a week, each time is a challenge and new experience. Every instructor brings their own unique expertise to the mat. This community feels like family. Thank you for enriching my life so greatly!"

– Joellen B.

"I love Barre & Soul®! No matter how chaotic school gets or how stressed I am, when I come to barre class, I get 60 minutes to focus on myself, to push myself and appreciate my strength, both physical and mental. Every instructor brings an energy and positivity that inspires me to work as hard as I can during class, and I always leave sweaty but refreshed, calm, and more ready to take on my day."

– Erin M.


"Thank you for all the effort that the instructors at Barre & Soul® put in on a daily basis. I love coming to class because it's such an incredibly supportive environment. When I went surfing on vacation recently, I realized that this is the strongest I've ever felt!"

– Stephanie M.


"Barre was not something I ever thought I would or could do, but I accepted the barre challenge. After 26 classes in 26 days, I can truly say that my body and mind have never felt stronger. You have built such an amazing community in the studio and I enjoyed everything about the experience. Thanks for helping me broaden my horizons!"

– Anthony


"No matter how stressed, tired, or distracted I am when I arrive at Barre & Soul®, I leave feeling centered, supported, and stronger. Every teacher creates such a positive and welcoming environment and brings so much energy to each class. With kindness and expertise, the teachers motivate me to push myself, and encourage me to listen to what feels right for my body that day. Barre & Soul is an amazing and empowering community, and I am so grateful to be part of it!"

– Ana, Harvard Square


"I had no problem losing the weight after baby number one at 26, but I really struggled to lose the weight after baby number two at 33. I wanted to find a workout that got me back into shape but also incorporated breathing and relaxation. Barre & Soul® was designed for me! The relaxed atmosphere, engaging teachers, cool playlists, gorgeous studio and a kick a$$ full body workout – it’s everything I wished for!"

— Kristen, Portsmouth

"On my wedding day, I had several people ask what I did to get my arms so perfectly toned and slim – the answer is Barre & Soul®! I've always been fit, but I've never been as well-rounded and 'total body fit' as I am since Barre & Soul. I also feel much more confident and comfortable being me. I love the classes, the community, and I always leaving feeling so amazing. You have to try it for yourself!"

— Amelia, Melrose

"I took my first Barre & Soul® class in Portsmouth and was hooked. The moment I got back to Florida, I signed up for the virtual studio classes and have been attending ever since! I love the convenience of working out when I get home without feeling rushed. The instructors and general positive vibe really set Barre & Soul apart from other studios. It's great to know that I can have a solid workout no matter where I am!"

– Melissa W., Virtual Studio

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