Because who doesn’t want great gams while making great strides?

(And we don’t just mean down the sidewalk.)

Come just three times a week for three weeks, and you’ll see a crazy, visible difference in the way you look and feel. Because carrying yourself with conviction is never out of style.


This is Barre & Soul®

A collection of modern boutique studios teaching a world class, science-based proprietary barre and yoga method.

Originally developed by fiery feminist and barre and yoga expert, Andrea Isabelle Lucas, we are leading renegades of all walks to not only re-engineer their body shape in a revolutionary way, but to do so in a place where everyone’s encouraged to own it all... together.


“Rock the boat. Make noise. Wear winged eyeliner in the pool if you damn well want.

And take no back seats. This is about making your head space feel as good as your body does, and owning every bit of who you are.”

Andrea Isabelle Lucas, Founder of Barre & Soul®


Own your opinions. Own your messy.

Own your wrinkles. Own your discomfort. Own your mind. Own your muscles. Own your screw-ups. Own your legacy. Own your desires. Own your health. Own your ideas. Own your edge. Own your confidence. Own your imperfections. Own your ass. Own your ideas.

And own yourSELF — as well as any room you walk into.


How do you want to own it today?

Own your confidence and mindset, own your body shape and physical strength, own your sense of belonging and feelings of connectedness.

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New to barre, yoga or the studio?

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What makes the Barre & Soul® Method so effective— even professional athletes praise it?  Hint: This is the only workout you’ll need. Ever. Again.
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How Barre & Soul founder, Andrea Isabelle Lucas, owns it all — every single day. Meet the original tiger-hearted libertine.
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