Yoga Teacher Training

Give Us 200 Hours.

We’ll Show You How to Bring Your Attitude to the Mat...
As A Yoga Alliance-Approved Vinyasa Instructor.


Summer 2018
Yoga Teacher Training Intensive



July 16, 2018 – August 10, 2018
Monday – Friday
7:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Graduation – Friday, August 10th


Three locations available:

Wayland Square, Rhode Island
Boston, Massachusetts
Portsmouth, New Hampshire




$600 deposit due at reservation
Flexible payment plans available

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You’ve been dreaming of becoming a yoga instructor and doing what you love for a long time, now.


There’s only one problem: there are still so many questions!


Can I actually do this?

Am I good enough to be a yoga teacher?

Advanced poses: who, me?

Am I qualified?

Will I be?

And what about scheduling?
Will I have to drive myself crazy?


Furthermore, with so many yoga instructors and studios popping up, you’re worried you’ll be a dime-a-dozen—and frankly, you have no clue how to stand out from the crowd. Is this really feasible? Should you really do it? Can you really do it?


The short answer: 100% absolutely.
(And we’d say that even if we weren’t offering this training curriculum.)


The more exciting answer: Our Barre & Soul® Yoga Teacher Training is designed especially to focus on the four specific areas that will help you not only be a great teacher, but understand how to sell yourself as one. By combining a cocktail that includes your personal strengths, your creativity, your knowledge and your authentic voice, we’ll show you how to teach yoga—and do it well.


The number one reason I chose this program was how I felt at the info session. Everyone was very welcoming and I felt that it was a group I wanted to be a part of. I liked that Carrie has such a diverse background. The schedule was also a factor because it was spread out and not weekend heavy like so many programs are. The flexibility is appealing in case life happens, which it always does!

– Kristen, 2016 Graduate


All The Tools You’ll Need From Start to Finish, Vinyasa Style


You may come into the program at any level of ability—though one year of practice is recommended prior—and by the end of your 200 hour teacher training, you’ll be a Yoga Alliance approved instructor, having studied under the top teachers in New England, ready to start your new adventure.

Whether you’d like to start an entirely new career, or just supplement your existing lifestyle, becoming a certified yoga instructor is a skillset you can carry with you forever, no matter where you are. You’ll come out on the other side wiser, more compassionate, and with a more mature understanding of yourself and others, with tools not only to deepen your own yoga practice, but enhance every part of your life.

Most importantly, however, you’ll be able to pursue a yoga teaching path with confidence and the tools to market your classes and keep students coming back. Commence: Operation kick asana.


During our yoga teacher training, you will:

  • Learn how to use ancient traditions like Pranayama (breathwork) and meditation to meet the challenges of modern day life, on and off the mat

  • Examine the very foundation of every yoga practice: The Asana (yoga poses), including an in-depth study and breakdown and analysis of each

  • Find a deeper sense of self through reflection and study of yogic philosophy—a critical piece for every instructor

  • Learn how to sequence badass yoga classes that students will love (a unique art form of its own) and the power yoga has to change daily lives

  • Understand the real secret to cultivating a community around your classes and keep students coming back, time and time again 

  • Discover your teaching voice (surprise—you have one!) express your personal sense of style, and enhance your creativity within the classroom

  • Enhance your public speaking skills and learn how to be a captivating leader—perhaps one of the most important characteristics of every great instructor

  • How to read any body that walks into yoga class and make appropriate alignment adjustments, including yoga anatomy and modifications

  • And finally, how to get the best teaching gigs and build a sustainable career around your passions that supports you financially, creatively, emotionally, and mentally

  • Make friendships that will last a lifetime #BARREANDSOULMATES


I waited a year to take Yoga Teacher Training with Barre & Soul because I feel connected to the studio and supported here. I always appreciate the amazing teachers and expert instruction I receive. I wanted a quality education from a studio that embodies the qualities I aspire to as a teacher. The schedule accommodated my wild, crazy life, the payment plan made it affordable and the presenters were amazing!!!

– Kimberly, 2016 Graduate

Our Instructors

   Andrea Isabelle Lucas   E-RYT® 200, YACEP® Owner of Barre & Soul Director of YTT

Andrea Isabelle Lucas
E-RYT® 200, YACEP®
Owner of Barre & Soul
Director of YTT

   Jenn Duran   E-RYT® 500

Jenn Duran
E-RYT® 500

   Ankati Day   E-RYT® 500

Ankati Day
E-RYT® 500

  Matt Rutkowski  E-RYT® 200

Matt Rutkowski
E-RYT® 200

   Carrie Tyler   RN, C-IAYT®, E-RYT® 500

Carrie Tyler
RN, C-IAYT®, E-RYT® 500

   Daniel Orlansky   E-RYT® 500

Daniel Orlansky
E-RYT® 500

   Emily Griffin   E-RYT® 500

Emily Griffin
E-RYT® 500

  Tom Hogan  RYT® 500

Tom Hogan
RYT® 500


Choosing Barre & Soul®’s Yoga Teacher Training is the best decision I've ever made for my personal growth. The program is a challenging and supportive environment, and the highly knowledgeable teachers are varied in personality and style, which supports learning and self-discovery on a number of levels. High regard for alignment and safety is the cornerstone of their program. Being exposed to a wide spectrum of yoga teachings and interest areas during the Sunday workshops adds a fun element to the program’s weekly lessons. I highly recommend the Barre & Soul® program!

– Kim, 2015 Graduate


Help! I’ve Got Existential Questions


Do I need to be able to put my leg behind my head or do a handstand to apply?

Hell no! While your physical practice will be enhanced throughout the course of the training, “advanced” postures are not a prerequisite and are only a small part of what yoga entails.


How long do I need to have been practicing yoga to enroll?

One year of yoga practice is suggested to enroll in this program, but sometimes special exceptions are made for dedicated students with experience in similar disciplines.


Oops! I missed a class. Now what?

If you miss a class you can make it up during one of ournext trainings.


Are all of the Workshops required?

Yes, and you wouldn't want to miss these super fun,informative intensives with the Boston area's best and brightest.


Darn it. I missed an intensive. Am I totally screwed?

If you need to miss a weekend workshop you can make it up for free at our next teacher training and receive a provisional certification in the meantime OR you can make your own arrangements to attend a workshop with the same teacher outside of this training at your own expense.


What happens at the end of the course?

At the end of the course, all participants who have attended the required number of classes will receive a Certificate of Completion. This course is registered with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level, so that graduates can become Yoga Alliance registered Yoga Teachers.

We also have a kickass party. Obviously.