Barre & Soul® wins Best Barre Studio in Boston!

Best Barre Studio Boston 2018 Boston Magazine

Hello Amazing Barre & Soulmate!

There are no adequate words to express how grateful and humbled I am that Barre & Soul has been chosen for Best Barre Studio 2018 in this year's Best of Boston Awards!!!

Words can't do justice to the extraordinary, hardworking, dedicated, passionate (and frighteningly good-looking) team of barre and yoga teachers and staff who are responsible for this honor, both past and present. For a small, indie company like us to get noticed amid a sea of big brands, you are really doing something special! 

This honor would surely not be possible without our (equally gorgeous) members, we love you more than you know. You make all of our dreams come true and for that, we are forever grateful. Your bright shining faces, dedication to your health and wellness and your commitment to your soulmate community is at the very core of what Barre & Soul stands for. 

We are more than just fitness, we are an empowering, inclusive community of men and women all here to uplift each other all while pulsing and sweating together! 

It has been an immense amount of work these past 5 years and I wouldn't trade it for anything. We've been through many ups and downs as a small independent business, however, every step of the way has been a learning process that has brought us closer to our successes. To our mentors, partners, kids, friends, staff, community, and everyone who has taught us something about how to lead, no matter how big or how small, we thank you.

I can't wait to see what the next 5 years brings us! 

Thank you. Love you. 

Your Barre & Soulmate for life,
Andrea Isabelle Lucas

Barre & Soul goes to the 2018 MindBody BOLD Conference

I’ve been to a lot of industry conferences and trade shows. They’re never amazing. NEVER. There may be a session that you can garner a few worthwhile tidbits, but mostly a lot of filler.

BOLD was nothing like that.

Firstly, the headliners were Michelle Obama and Billie Jean King. NBD.

Secondly, our founder, Andrea, was speaking on a Women in Leadership panel.

Let me just say I was blown away.

The conference was nothing short of incredible. Every session was worth attending. EVERY SESSION. At Barre & Soul, we are always looking to stay up to date on new technology, new trends, and best practices to give our clients the MOST amazing experience at our studios! And the breakout sessions delivered. The speakers themselves had so much to offer in addition to making themselves available for questions, pictures, whatever, they were up for it. There was so much valuable information that I took 3+ pages of notes! Seriously. Not only did I take notes, but I pored over them in the days and weeks following the conference and the presentation decks that accompanied them. Did I mention they had a conference app that was pretty awesome too?

When I asked Andrea to sum up the Women in Leadership Panel , she said, "It was such an honor to be included in the diverse panel of women entrepreneurs. My favorite part was hearing questions from the audience about what the attendees were wrestling with in their own businesses. I was so excited to get to know more about them, and the room was filled with energy as the women gathered were eager to roll up their sleeves and help each other problem-solve."

Then there were the headliners.

Michelle Obama was awe inspiring yet incredibly down to earth. It was a 90 minute fireside chat that felt like 20 minutes and I want to be BFFs with her.

Billie Jean King was a rip roaring good time, full of spunk and some big news (she and a collection of friends had just casually bought the LA Dodgers!) oh and it was the 45th anniversary of her win at the Battle of the Sexes match. She had a ton of wisdom to share with the attendees and it was another inspiring, engaging discussion that had me hoping the time would go slower.

Then there was the food.

That may seem trivial until I mention that I am gluten and dairy free finding food that fits into those specifications that isn’t just a head of romaine lettuce w/ some olive oil and vinegar can be challenging. Did I mention there were 2,000 people in attendance?

The meal options were well thought out and delicious. No hunk of plain lettuce for this girl! WINNING.

Then we won the MINDBODY Visionary Award!


This award was given to a select group of studios who embody community empowerment and who are in the top 30% of businesses using MINDBODY. Receiving this award was an unexpected surprise, but so exciting!  I know we have curated pretty incredible communities in our studios, but to be recognized for it was pretty awesome.

We are always looking for opportunities to give back, to support members who fundraise for causes they are passionate about, to support women and girls and SO MANY other things. A couple of the biggies this year included EmpowerHer, Cole Haan + Planet Water Foundation fundraising partnerships, and the Africa Yoga Project fundraising and volunteer effort.

2018 has been a big year for Barre & Soul. Thanks MindBody Online for being an excellent partner! We look forward to an incredible 4th quarter and 2019!

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Get Inspired. Learn where Andrea, owner/founder of Barre & Soul came from, how it all began and what inspired and encouraged her to create her Feminist Fitness Empire.  GET INSPIRED.

Learn where Andrea, owner/founder of Barre & Soul came from, how it all began and what inspired and encouraged her to create her Feminist Fitness Empire.

Barre & Soul Founder, Andrea Isabelle Lucas, on the Real Talk Radio Podcast with Nicole Antoinette

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Nicole sits down with interesting, inspirational, and refreshingly imperfect people to have unfiltered conversations about what’s really going on in our lives. You know, all that juicy behind-the-scenes stuff, like fears, secret dreams, guilty pleasures, and more.

Alexandra Elizabeth Reviews Barre & Soul's Harvard Square Studio

Alexandra Elizabeth of Making Motherhood Visible reviews our Harvard Square Studio.

"In the midst of the constant bustle of Harvard Square lies an oasis for those that need an outlet where they can relax, rejuvenate and train hard. I was excited to have Barre & Soul join Harvard Square, as there aren’t many barre studios on this side of town and traveling to Boston for a fitness class just doesn’t work with my schedule."

Little Miss Runshine Shares her Barre & Soul Experience

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Boston fitness blogger Jessica shares her Barre & Soul® experience on her blog Little Miss Runshine. Jessica has taken many classes with us since, and we are thrilled to be part of her fitness schedule!

What’s for Breakfast? Health Pros Share Their Morning Meals

We don’t need to tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Boston asked three fitness professionals, including Barre & Soul® founder Andrea Isabelle Lucas, to share their favorite healthy breakfasts.

Alex of Literally Everything gives our Harvard Square Yoga and Barre studio a try

"A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of heading to Barre & Soul's latest studio in Harvard Square to check out the digs and see what their barre class is like. I'm no stranger to barre classes, so I was curious to see how it differed from the other studios in the city.

Barre & Soul has the distinct honor of being Harvard Square's first barre studio and offers 48 barre and yoga classes throughout the week."

The Bostonista Loves Barre & Soul Harvard Square!

"I don’t think it’s exactly a secret that I’m not an athletic person so the fact that I’ve found a workout that I actually enjoy is kind of a miracle. What is this miracle fitness fad that has me so entranced? Barre! But not just any barre class, I’ve been going to Barre & Soul’s newest location in Harvard Square."

Boston Magazine tries Barre & Soul's Virtual Studio

"When the weather’s bad, you’re short on time, or you simply don’t have the motivation, getting to the gym can be an obstacle too big to overcome. Never fear. You can still get a good workout in your own home with these virtual training resources."

Brookline Gets a New Barre Studio; Boston Magazine

Walk a few blocks down Newbury Street, and you’re almost guaranteed to see a barre studio. Leave the Back Bay, though, and you’ll have to work a little harder to find places to tuck and pulse.

Local mini-chain Barre & Soul®, however, is out to bring more barres to more places. Next up? Adding a studio in Brookline. Brookline is already home to a small handful of barre studios, but owner and founder Andrea Isabelle Lucas says it’s an area that can benefit from Barre & Soul’s goal of spreading community-focused, mind-body fitness throughout the city and beyond.

Is Your Barre Class a Fake? Why it Matters + How to Tell

Huffpo Is Your Barre Class a Fake- Why it Matters + How to Tell.png

I want everyone to understand what an authentic Barre class is all about, and how to recognize it, in a landscape cluttered by an unreal number of imitators. There is currently no governing body assessing which studios are actually up to par at the barre (although I'm involved in unifying leaders in the industry, in the hopes of creating one).

We're bringing something totally new to the industry, based on a fantastic community, focus on mind-body connection and a transformative workout.

Getting Fit in MA Reviews our Harvard Square studio

Featured on getting fit in MA.png

"Suddenly, all the things that seemed intimidating to me pre-class were easily used in the class. The strap that you wrap over the barre for some moves, blocks, ball, and weights all were used properly after explanations.

I am sore today, but I think that’s good! Who new small movements “pulses” could be such a great workout for your muscles. I definitely feel I got a great workout and am glad I tried something new to change up my workout routine."

Her Campus Harvard names Barre & Soul as new favorite place in Harvard Square!

If you’re anything like me, the arrival of fall means that the gym habit you spent all summer developing is in serious danger of falling by the wayside.  Suddenly we’re being pulled in a thousand different directions by classes, homework, jobs, extracurriculars, and the vague but ever-present pressure to be at least a little bit social, and it’s just too easy to stop prioritizing fitness.  Bikini season, after all, is over, and sweaters can hide a lot.

If you’re anything like me, the arrival of fall means that the gym habit you spent all summer developing is in serious danger of falling by the wayside.  Suddenly we’re being pulled in a thousand different directions by classes, homework, jobs, extracurriculars, and the vague but ever-present pressure to be at least a little bit social, and it’s just too easy to stop prioritizing fitness.  Bikini season, after all, is over, and sweaters can hide a lot.

But I’ve found a workout regimen I can stick to.  The barre classes at the new Barre & Soul studio in Harvard Square are fun, safe, intensely challenging, and effective!

The Fit Reserve Loves Barre & Soul!

"Though the term "ballerina body" should be enough incentive to draw you into one of Barre & Soul's locations, there are plenty of other reasons that you'll love these boutique studios. These friendly neighborhood studios offer a variety of barre and yoga classes for all fitness levels. The classes are small, which means plenty of individual attention from dedicated instructors. Though the classes will work you hard, they also provide a peaceful hour during which you can focus on posture, flexibility, strength and the mind body connection."

Andrea on HuffPo: Why Fitness Pros Need To Stop Talking About ‘Bikini Bodies’

We are thrilled to announce that Andrea will be a regular contributor on the Huffington Post!

Her first article is live, click the button below to read and let us know what you think!