A world-class program.
With world-class instructors.
In a world-class studio.


Our Barre & Soul® Method Teacher Training Program methodically and rigorously prepares students from around the world to become top instructors of barre—right here in our collection of boutique, top-notch studios in New England.


Whether you’re looking to catapult an all-new career, or simply supplement your existing one with a modern, mobile skillset that you can take with you, anywhere you go, the Barre & Soul® Method Teacher Training Program is a highly sought after curriculum that opens during select times each year, for an appointed number of students selected for the experience.


The program, which spreads 100 hours of training over an intense 8-week period (with the exception of our summer intensives) will teach you to become a certified barre instructor as you learn, week-by-week, the original principles and techniques inspired by the classic Lotte Berk Method, as a way of honoring the integrity of the tradition— from the perspective of the teacher. In addition, you’ll also be trained in the private methods that our very own Barre & Soul® instructors use to supplement the Lotte Berk method, in order to create the fiercely loyal following we experience at our studios.