Virtual Studio FAQS:

If you don't find the answers you need below, please check our Virtual Studio page.

How do I register? 

Use our virtual schedule or our iPhone app to pre-register for any virtual classes. Then, please e-mail us to introduce & visit our login instructions (link to instruction information above). Space is limited to 12 participants, and a minimum of 4 participants are required for class to be held. You will be notified at least 4 hours prior to class if class is canceled. 

How many students can participate in a virtual class? What if class is cancelled?

Our virtual classes require a minimum of 4 participants in order for class to be held, with a maximum of 12. There is a registration deadline (4 hours prior to class), and our instructors will post to the private virtual Facebook page prior to the registration deadline to encourage signups if numbers look low. If less than 4 people sign up by the deadline, class will be cancelled, students will receive an email, and students will not be charged.

How much room do I need? 

Not very much. Just enough to lay down a yoga mat, and you should be far enough from your computer so we can see you to help you with your form. 

What makes Barre & Soul VIRTUAL different than YouTube workouts or DVDs?

We are LIVE. We can see you, motivate you & the classes are only 45 minutes! Our virtual method provides a challenging group environment within your own space. There's real accountability & community when you make a commitment to meet & workout with us even if it's from your living room.

My house is really messy... will everyone see it? 

We see it all! Dogs, boyfriends, toddlers, screaming babies, piles of laundry & dishes... it doesn't matter! As long as your yoga mat is clear, feel free to ignore the mess behind you & take some time for yourself. 

What kind of computer & equipment do I need? 

A computer or iPad/tablet or smartphone, a strong internet connection, speakers, microphone & webcam. Download Zoom, register for class, and enter meeting ID216-879-0692 into Zoom.

I'm so excited for my first class! What do I need to do? 

After registering for class, email us to introduce yourself

Do other participants see you during the workouts? 

You will see the instructor at all times, and other participants will see you. Our advice: being seen by your instructor & peers is the best way to get feedback on how to improve and (most importantly) encouragement. And let's be honest... we're all less likely to quit on that last set when everyone's watching! Connect with the Barre & Soul VIRTUAL staff & other community members in our private facebook group. As a participant, you have the option to click on the instructor’s screen and click “pin video” to only see the instructor. However, keep in mind that the other participants will still be able to see you!

How do I remove myself from the wait list? 

1) Go to My Schedule

2) On the right side above where it says cancel it will say waitlist

3) Click on that link

4) This will show you what you are waitlisted for

5) On the right side of the screen it will say Cancel

6) If you click on that it should remove you from the wait list for that class

If I sign up for a class & cannot attend, will I be charged?

Once you have a spot reserved in the class you may cancel your reservation online, up to 4 HOURS prior to the start time without penalty. All unused classes are returned to your account for future use. If you see late cancel as the only option to cancel out of class, then you are past the 4 hour timeline to cancel and will lose that class. Failure to cancel a class or appointment within four hours, you will lose the class regardless if someone takes your spot. For monthly unlimited & intro special members, a late cancel or no-show will result in a $10 fee; no exceptions.


Can't make it? Please cancel in advance per our cancellation policy if you cannot attend.