Virtual Client Spotlight

The beauty of our Virtual Studio is that we have students taking classes with us from around the world! Missing your best friend across the country? Take a yoga class together via our Virtual Studio! Looking to connect more with your sister living abroad? Commiserate about your sore legs after a cardio barre class.  

We'll be featuring virtual clients to give our community a sense of where they are and why they dial in for class. Want to be featured? Email 

Virtual Client Spotlight - Melissa W. 

Virtual Client Spotlight - Melissa W. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself! (Where you live, what you do you for work, hobbies, maybe that you're getting married this year, etc.!)

-          I’m currently living in Delray Beach, FL with my fiancé and 4 year old black cocker spaniel, Birdie. I work in the commercial printing industry, sitting on-site with one of my clients managing all their print needs. When I’m not managing print at work, I’m printing on my own letterpress machine making greeting cards and invites and gold foil city maps (I guess you can say I’m a bit obsessed with print?). My fiancé, Chris and I will be getting married this December in South Florida, needless to say, these classes are key to getting me ready for the big day!

When did you first start taking Barre & Soul Virtual classes?

-           In January, I took my first Barre & Soul class at the Portsmouth location and was hooked.  The moment I got back to Florida I signed up for the virtual classes and have been taking weekly classes ever since!

What do you love most about Barre & Soul Virtual classes?

-          Convenience. Not feeling rushed when I get home from work and still having the chance to work out.  I also love that everyone can be in the comfort of their home, it’s fun to see people’s kids in the video frame or have Birdie come do downward dog with me J

How many times a week do you take a class?

-          I try to get to about 4 classes a week. I love the variety of the classes, one night I could be doing Barre Cardio and the next Goodnight Yoga!

What sets apart Barre & Soul from other studios for you?

-          The instructors and general positive vibe.

What do you get out of barre/yoga?

-          Toning and a chance to reflect on the day. I also get AWESOME sleep after I work out! 

What’s your dream soundtrack for a class?

-          I love variety! I love the instructors that take time to come up with different playlists, keeps the class fresh. 

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your Barre & Soul experience?

-          Thank you for offering this service – it’s nice to know I can have a solid work out no matter where I’m at.