Barre Teacher Training

Our Barre & Soul® Method 100-Hour Teacher Training offers a level of
excellence that can't be taught in one weekend.


2017 Summer Intensive

July 17, 2017 – August 11, 2017

Information Session

June 12, 2017
8:15 pm - 9:30 pm
Attend in person at our BU/Brookline, or virtually, via Zoom



Barre & Soul BU/Brookline
Monday - Thursday
6:45pm - 10:15pm


Additional 20 hours of practicum required, flexible schedule.



$500 Deposit due upon registration.


"I completed the 100-hour barre teacher training this fall and it was worth every minute!! The training curriculum and sessions are thorough, detailed, so fun, hands on and you leave feeling comfortable to teach with a plethora of tools and hands on experience under your belt. Andrea Isabelle Lucas and her team are incredibly dedicated, passionate and supportive. You won't regret taking this journey!"

– Jenna, 2015 Graduate


Summer 2017 Barre & Soul® Method
Training Application


To apply, candidates must:

  • have exceptional form, movement, and rhythm
  • have a passion for fitness and wellness
  • previous coaching and/or teaching experience is a plus
  • strong barre practice at Barre & Soul, or other studios, is not required but highly desired
  • have basic computer skills and excellent interpersonal skills
  • have their own reliable source of music access and should be proficient in iTunes and/or Spotify

Every candidate must complete an application to be considered for the Barre & Soul Method 100-Hr Training.


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"Barre & Soul teacher training is amazing! Over five weekends, I formed friendships with a great group of women who were so supportive and encouraging. I looked forward to each session and the studio became my happy place. Andrea is amazing to work with and she helped each one of us break through our barriers in order to become the best barre teachers that we could be. It's one of the best decisions I've made and I would do it again in a heartbeat."

– Amy, 2014 Graduate


Is your Barre Class a fake?

Barre workouts have recently gone mainstream after decades as a niche offering with an almost cult-like following for its ability to deliver transformational results.

The industry hasn’t caught up with this explosion in popularity. This means no one is moderating or monitoring the dozens of studios that have popped up calling themselves “barre.”

I want to advocate for the real deal. And by “real” I mean authentic barre studios that are practicing in the tradition of the Lotte Berk method — where barre was born with thought, rigor and a thorough background in movement to inform the practice. By “real” I mean studios that devote time to ensure their instructors are thoroughly trained, knowledgeable and capable of delivering excellence in authentic barre to a wide range of clients. This level of training takes time and certainly can’t be taught in just a weekend. Read more >>>


"This training taught me to remove ‘me’ from the spotlight and make teaching about my community. Andrea instills in her students a passion for leading, reminding us that we’re strong, skillful and beautiful, and teaches us how to impart this onto our students; encouraging them to feel the same way. Andrea’s capacity to empower and inspire the women around her comes from a truly authentic self.”

– Sarah, 2015 Graduate


About Our Program


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Contact us at info@barresoul.com

Under the guidance of Andrea Isabelle Lucas, Founder and Owner of Barre & Soul®, our teacher training puts the necessary time and care into developing highly competent, soulful, professional teachers who stand out from the crowd.

Andrea Isabelle Lucas is a master barre teacher trainer with thousands of hours of experience spanning her 10 year teaching career.

Trained by the original leaders of the Lotte Berk Method studios in addition to being a 200-hour trained yoga teacher, she brings the rigorous standards and authentic methodology to guide Barre & Soul's teacher training team for the most in-depth barre training available to the public today. (Feel free to change that around if you want)


Our curriculum covers:

  • Class format
  • Music Training
  • History of Barre
  • Attributes of a Great Barre Teacher
  • The Barre & Soul® Philosophy
  • Anatomy
  • The Four Agreements
  • Injury and Pregnancy Modification